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Friendship, Tea Parties and a Little Inspiration, at (in)courage today, a peek inside our annual Valentine Tea and a coupon code for the (in)courage/DaySpring Shop.

Lovedrop-footer LoveDrop ~ a bunch of givers.  I know this month's recipient and her story will make you eager to support Love Drop.  Please check it out…I love these guys! 

What My OB/GYN, Hallmark, and the Bible Taught Me About Loving My Husband ~ Um, with a title like that, you just know the post is gonna be…interesting 😀.

5 minutes:  5 years ago ~ Sara, a wonderful (in)(en)courager, has a faith that builds your own; a glimpse through her eyes and life and you'll be inspired…and realize you have little (nothing?) to complain about.  

In Reflection ~ A heart-squeezing story delivered only the way Novel Doctor can bring it (painstakingly beautiful), once again reminding me he needs to finish that novel he swears he began years ago!  Now.

Live the Sheen Dream ~ I'm kinda ashamed to admit it, but Trainwreck Walking aka Charlie Sheen is my newest guilty pleasure.  I know I shouldn't but I can't stop listening for what comes out of his mouth next.  If you haven't yet seen it, this random quote generator spreads the insanity.  

Your turn:  Why not share your favorite link from the week, even if it's a post of your own.  Especially if it's a post of your own!!

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