Surgeon and patient Our appointment is at 1:45, perfect timing to complete the oldest one's post-surgery follow-up visit, stop for a snack afterwards, then drop him off before picking up the youngest for his tennis match.  

The waiting room is large and full.  There are ten rows of chairs about 12 deep and there's a coffee pot in the back and a large flat screen on the wall in front, and when I make these observations I have a sense of foreboding.

Forty-five minutes into our wait–and after our scheduled appointment–I check in with reception to let her know how long we've been waiting and that I have another child to pick up and could she PLEASE check with the nursing staff to see where we are.  

Our chart has been "taken back" so it "shouldn't be long now."

I believe her sincerity but doubt her word.

I'm VERY thankful CNN and not Jerry Springer is playing on the TV; there's coverage of the devastation in Japan.  People who've lost everything, and in some cases…


One hour and 15 minutes into our weight, inner conflict is raging–I DO have to be somewhere after all, my youngest will be waiting!  But looking at the loss broadcast across 42" on the wall, thousands of miles away…

my inconvenience seems very small.  It IS very small.

But that doesn't mean my blood pressure isn't rising into the danger zone….

* * * * * * * * 

5-minute-friday-1 Ack!  My timer went off!  Five minutes FLIES when you've had a story you've wanted to write for DAYS and, as providence would have it, Lisa-Jo's weekly prompt deals with this very thing:  Waiting.  

The above is me speed-writing and a quick read after I'm done makes me cringe with at least one typo (YIKES-OWIE-BLECH); plus, I would have written this VERY differently if I actually took time to develop the thought, conflict, etc.  But that's not the point of 5-Minute Fridays so I'm letting it stand as is, typos and all.  I added the picture and link to Thomas' injury after the fact.  

Pop over to The Gypsy Mama to see some more thoughts on "Waiting–I'm SURE she was inspired to choose this theme because she's due with her daughter next week!  Details:

1. Write for only five minutes.
2. Link back here and invite others to play along.
3. Go high five the word artist who linked up before you with an awesome comment. 


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