5 minute friday Written for fun, as prompted by Lisa-Jo's (aka The Gypsy Mama) "Five Minute Friday" challenge; this week's prompt "If you met me."  (Click for explanation and details.) 

If you met me, I hope within minutes we'd be fast friends sharing laughter, and not because there was pepper in my teeth or pants unzipped or, heaven forbid, "bats in the cave"!  Because all of those things have happened at one time or another to me, and given the human condition, I'm pretty sure they've happened to you, even if you don't know it or have never told anyone out loud.

I love to laugh.

I'd want to know about you.  I'd ask too many questions.  But I'd look deep into your eyes and read you from the inside, looking and listening for the things you're telling me without words.  

I'd think the best of you.  

You'd find me to be warm and inviting, wanting to know more; I least I hope so.  And maybe you'd learn about me.  I wouldn't impose my life story, but if you asked the right questions you could learn a lot about me.  It'd be impossible not to tell you about the most important people in my life, my husband and my children, but we'd probably get to other things, candid and deep.  I'm open that way, which is sometimes misleading.

It's sometimes gotten me into trouble…

Would you see Jesus?  I wonder that, I really do, because the truth is I wouldn't tell you about Him when we first met, but would you see Him in me?


Wow…I have GOT to be the slowest writer on the planet when I write these prompts!  I'm surprised at the volume of some of the participants I've read in the past for 5 Minute Friday–and the quality of writing!  Really, truly, join in, try your hand and let me know if you do!!

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