{Written in response to The Gypsy Mama's
Five-minute Friday writing prompt.  
This week's theme is "If I knew I could I would…"}

DSC_0229 If I could I would…

Sponsor a child in Compassion International's Leadership Development Program.  Or sponsor more kids.  I've seen the difference CI makes in the lives of children and their families within hugging distance, and I believe they're the best at what they do.

Hang glide or sky dive or climb tall rocks or rappel from mountains, without risking life and limb.  I'm not sure if it's the paralyzing fear of heights or a crippling fear of death that keeps me from trying.  Both are real and I despise them.

Live close to my children when they're married with children.  So I can have 'em over for dinner or keep my grand babies when they want a break.  That one's a few years away :).

Take better pictures of PEOPLE.  And master my blasted camera.  I've got a storyteller's eye when it comes to composition, but simple camera basics confound me….

Run a marathon.  Or triathlon.  Or finish…start…a 5K.  

Write more consistently and in a way that encourages or challenges or changes one or two or three people who stumble across my words; a divine appointment kind of thing.  And re-engage the blogging writing community I once had but let go of to maintain life-balance.

Oh, how easily this list is compiled, stopped short only because of time.  And the difficult realization?  Most are overcomeable obstacles that I've constructed.


: : : : : :

What would YOU do if you knew you could not fail?

5 minute friday

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p.s.  I just corrected three typos BECAUSE-I-CAN'T-HELP-MYSELF and for those of you who read my post earlier (or read it in a reader), you caught me with my pants unzipped AND spinach in my teeth.  Good gravy……apparently I need an editor!!  (But they were kinda funny… 😉 )

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