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Lisa's call to action for the residents of Joplin is a small initiative with big heart.  Help her help them.  A perfect example of "Just Do Something!"

Jessie aka Vanderbilt wife wants to buy some Pajamas for Kelly; Kelly recently found out she has a rare type of brain tumor sitting on her optic nerve.  Donate just $3 and become a part of this lovely story.  UPDATED:  So far $450 has been raised!!

Compassion Bloggers are in The Phillipines this week ministering life and love to those in need, then sharing their experience with the world wide web.  Please follow my sweet friends and (in)courage co-writers Emily and Tsh and the entire fantastic blogging team as they become agents of change as they're changed. 

Top 25 Moms ~ Faith Bloggers I'm in the running (and not doing so well…!) for Top 25 Faith Moms at Circle of MomsWould you pretty-please-with-sprinkles-on-whipped-cream click through and offer me your voteI'd love to be included in this list!  While I have no aspirations of making the top, 25th place sure would make me happy.  (If you're feeling really generous, you can even vote daily til the 8th I think…. 🙂 ). 

Compassion Bloggers: Philippines 2011

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