Toddler with hairbows Today is Friday the 13th and though I'm not the superstitious type, this day is weighty and significant and I find myself holding my breath.  It is the eve of my first born's high school graduation.

Tomorrow will mark the closing of one door and the opening of another, unleashing expectation and anticipation…and a torrent of tears among many proud mamas, daddies and grands. 

It is milestone we all remember, the taste of youth and impossible dreams.  She shares some of hers with me and I tell her they're possible.  I believe in her.  This…this new season is hers to seize and I'm thankful she is eager to embrace the unwritten, the new, the untested.  Sad always to me is the one anchored to past and what was, living in glory days seen only in a rear view mirror. 

So this morning I feel every ounce of this day and the next, bewildered by how time can possibly be both standing still and blurring by. 

Wasn't she just learning to hold a spoon and tie her shoes and ride a bike and park a car?

Breathe…just breathe.

* * * * * *

5 minute friday Written for The Gypsy Mama's five-minute Friday morning writing prompt; I think she must be living inside my head this week :).


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