As long as I can remember, I've had a fascination with bugs–the good (ladybugs, fire flies & butterflies), the bad (bees, dragonflies & spiders) and the ugly (praying mantises freak me out!).  On hands and knees or tippie toes scouring cabinets for an empty mayonaise jar, stabbing breathing holes with an ice pick, and capturing "friendly" insects is hallmark of my childhood. 

Buying ready-made bug boxes robs you of half the fun.

Because cicadas arrived in plague-like proportion this Spring–shells litter our yard like peanuts on the floor at Texas Roadhouse and their buzz has been as loud as the ocean–I thought this would make a nice addition to my 1000 Gifts list; I'm not so sure I often (ever??) remember to thank God for his wonderful imagination when it comes to the insect population.  

22.  Metamorphosis ~ the process of transformation bewilders and amazes me!

23.  Piercing, orange alien eyes of cicadas makes me wonder WHAT they're looking at!

24.  Bees.  Sigh.  Their productivity and service to their queen. 

25.  Ants.  Their work ethic and eagerness to tackle giants.

26.  Ladybugs.  Their cute factor.

27.  Butterflies.  Have you ever been tickled by a butterfly's tongue?  Watched it unroll and taste your skin?  A simple addition to your bucket list. 

28.  Caterpillars.  I wonder what it feels like to go through metamorphosis; their lowly beginning is worth their spectacular finish.

29.  Spiders.  Shudder.  Even the tiniest ones scare me, and yet I can watch one spin a web or wrap its prey forever. 

30.  Praying Mantises.  I'm too scared to pick one up but I think they look intelligent.


Pollinating bee on a dandelion

creepy caterpillar


Praying mantis close up

ants at work on a dead Junebug


Monarch butterfly


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