Ranier cherries

It's an achievable thing for my Bucket List–cultivating my own vegetable garden; but my cowboy father-on-law insists it will cost me exponentially more to grow my own.  That, and a 90% shaded yard, are healthy deterrents.  So until something changes, I'll remain indebted to the farmers who grow and provide wonderful things for me to eat.

Late Spring and Summer are my favorite growing seasons.  I literally watch the calendar and scour grocery store flyers in anticipation of my favorites.

This week as I "grow" my list towards 1,000, I find myself especially thankful for a full pantry and never having to wonder where my next meal will come from.  Yesterday I wrote one of my Compassion daughters, and it hurts me to think she could be going without.  

So I'm thankful….

31.  The discovery I liked cherries when I tasted a Ranier.  They're different…and better.

32.  If I "am what I eat," or at least the thing I eat most, I'd be Silver Queen Corn.  Slathered in butter and a sprinkling of salt and pepper, is there anything better?

silver queen corn

33.  Okra.  Fried to perfection, I like it almost as much as corn.  

34.  Melons, melons, melons!  A "good" honeydew is my favorite, with cantaloupe a close second.  And watermelon dripping down your arms means it's an extra good one!

sliced watermelon and cherries
35.  Peaches.  Mmmm, fuzz-covered candy!

36.  A pantry, full enough to share.

37.  Rain and sun and fertile soil, the stage and backdrop for growth.

38.  For my "country" relatives who REALLY taught me the art and beauty of Southern cooking…and I bet they didn't even realize it.

39.  Southern Living and Paula Deen; they pick up teaching where my family left off.

40.  My husband's job and all the ways he provides for us.



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