Sometimes I do or say things my kids don't care for.

Like when I tell them "Do (or don't do) ________, or I'll take a baseball bat to your knee caps."

For example, "If you or any of your friends ride your RipStick down our VERY STEEP driveway AGAIN, I will take a baseball bat to your knee caps."

Bloody carnage seems to beget bloody carnage, and the gruesome pictures recently texted to me of their friend warrant my obsidian warning.

Now it's not that I'm a violent soul or that they feel threatened in any way; it just sounds awful.  And based on its hyperbolic ludicrousness, it's funny to me.

Just not to them.

So imagine my sheer delight when I discovered this in an etsy shop

Best friend button

Let's just say my children don't share my enthusiasm and the oldest is questioning why-in-THE-world she ever called me perfect….

I'm okay with that.


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