It's National Doughnut Day and what better way to celebrate than with FREE DOUGHNUTS at your favorite doughnutteries?!

Dunkin' Donuts are mmmmarvelous and their coffee is so wonderful we're actually members of their coffee club (I'd show ya the secret handshake but then I'd have to kill ya…!).  Look!  Sprinkles!!  It's a party on a doughnut!



And nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING beats Krispy Kreme's melt-in-your-mouth "Hot & Now" ~

Krispy_Kreme on Twitter
Good gracious, I'm slobberin' like a St. Bernard puppy just thinkin' about the yummolocity! 

Didja know National Doughnut Day was established in 1938 by The Salvation Army to raise funds to help people in need?  Well, there ya go…you have to eat doughnuts today since it's for a good cause.  Eat one…or two…then how 'bout making a donation to the Salvation Army to say thanks!


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