Feet at the beach, Antigua It was bound to happen.  For the blogger–

  • whose profile picture was a picture of her feet for years…
  • when googling her {blog name + feet} ends up with FIVE different posts on the first page…and that isn't even all of 'em!  (Should I have created a "foot" category years ago?  No…scary feet people are out there…shivers…!)
  • who declares her dream job is an OPI Color Namer
  • who takes pictures of her feet (and/or others) pretty much every where she goes…

…it was only a matter of time until she wrote about feet on a site devoted to all things beauty-filled.  

Because feet CAN be beautiful!!

Pop over to Therapon's The Skinny to read "Your best foot forward" and you *might* just learn a thing or two you hadn't yet considered!

* * * * * *

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Therapon Skin Health is wonderful...



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