Residents who live in Chattanooga already know it's a magical place–


But for the past year now, the word has been getting out to Atlanta, Birmingham, Huntsville, Knoxville, Nashville and beyond thanks to The Johnson Group, creators of this nationally award-winning ad for the Convention and Visitors Bureau.  It features glimpses of:

  • Chattanooga Riverfront
  • Hunter Museum
  • Glass bridge over Riverside Drive
  • Delta Queen
  • Pool (is that at the Choo Choo?)
  • Coolidge Park
  • Rock City Swinging Bridge
  • Rembrandts
  • Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge

(What are the shots I've missed??)

Doesn't it make you love Chattanooga all over again?  

And if the video isn't enough for you, check out the June/July feature High Times in Chattanooga in Garden and Gun Magazine (ummmm, until this week, I had never even heard of G&G, and now twice??)–

Chattanooga is “the summit of what you are,” writes [poet Ismael] Reed.

…Chattanooga, too, sheds her old skin and grows anew. A midsize city of fresh beginnings. A deep-down Southern kind of resurrection.


If you live here, what are your favorite recommendations for guests or "Chamber of Commerce" destinations and events?  If you've only visited, what are your most memorable highlights?  And if you've never been to Chattanooga, what would you most like to see?

Thanks to WRCB TV for sharing the news!

Thanks, too, to my reader friend Shannondoah for sharing the article from Gun and Garden!! 


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