My first-born will begin her college freshman year later this month.  With over 4,500 colleges and universities in our country, deciding where to attend followed a rigorous, months’ long odyssey that required investigation, perseverance, and sifting through a lot of noise.  Because we didn’t begin sooner, we also had the added pressure of short deadlines.

While information is readily available if you’re willing to invest the energy and time to find it, the college search can be daunting.  I’d like to share some of what we learned with the hope of helping those of you with college in your child(ren)’s future.  These tips are offered to:

  • simplify the process of searching for—and determining—the best college for your child
  • lessen confusion and frustration
  • encourage you to act earlier than we did
  • possibly even save you money

* * * * *

Regardless of the age of your children, I hope you'll continue reading "" over at Simple Mom's; it's good seed for thought even if you aren't in this season of life yet.  Be sure to sift through comments where you'll see perspectives other than mine…. 

And………..did **someone** say she's writing a book???  Well, now…you'll have to ! 

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