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Teenagers & Mary Poppins??? 

For the first 3½ years of my illustrious blogging {coughcough} career, I posted daily.  NaBloPoMo was nothing to me; if I remember correctly, I m i g h t have even suffered from an ever-so-slight superiority complex, what, with those poor souls having to work to publish every day.

Those were the writerly-proficient days, weren't they?

More recently I've found it problematic to post even three days a week.  This is due in part to writing for other sites and projects, coupled with a part time job; it leaves me longing for and craving creativity and expression. 

One day, lovies…one day.  At least that's what I tell myself.

When Nester mentioned she was going to be hosting "31 Days" again (along with Emily FreemanJessica, Jen, Sandy, Melissa, Darcy & Emily), I was drawn to the challenge of writing daily.  Nester explained the genesis of the 31 Days Challenge, and eventually invited others–and the entire frackin' internet!–to join her.  

How could I say no?  

brother & sister

So…for the month of October I plan to post daily about a subject I might not be an expert on, but one for which I can speak to from experience and from the heart. 




I have three teenagers, two in high school, one now (gulp) in college (tears happy, tears sad), so I think that qualifies me.  I remember being scared to death when these years were ahead of me…but I want you to know you don't have to fear them.  In fact, the teenage years can be a wonderful season!  

teenage siblings

While I plan to post daily on a topic related to parenting teens and tweens, I'll also continue writing typical PENSIEVE fare for those of you who have no interest in this theme.  I've drafted a series of topics, but if there's something you'd like to see me address, I'll do my best if you leave a note in comments or drop me an email at pensieve dot me at gmail dot com.  

If you have friends with elementary aged children or older, I'd be honored if you'd let them know about the series.  Also, if you haven't subscribed to PENSIEVE already, might you do so in a reader or by email?  

I can't wait for this month to get underway!  I'm sure this will be a learning process for all of us!


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