I'm convinced it's his Super Power…or at a minimum, an exquisite gifting.


The kid knows how to play. 

"But wait," you protest, incredulous I'd make such a ridiculous assertion. "Don't all kids instinctively know how to play?What's so special about your kid? I hear you thinking…tsking, like I'm one of those, the mother who thinks her kid is advanced for walking and talking by the time he's in grade school. 

But this his art and he does it well.  For goodness sakes, a simple neighborhood walk entertains him!

He's been doing his best to defy gravity for as long as I can remember.


It used to be a concern of mine that he'd lose his playfulness as he got older; now a teenager three years strong, a high schooler even, I needn't have worried–though he loves electronics, his summer goal was to learn how to juggle.  On a RipStik.  Mission Impossible? accomplished Thankfully, he hasn't yet practiced with machetes or chainsaws, but he mentioned how neat it'd be to juggle knives. 

And you thought child safety locks on drawers were just for toddlers…!


Anyways…I couldn't help but write about my son at play after learning about this wonderful initiative by Story Bleed and GoGo Squeeze, manufacturer of squeezable apple sauce–

A celebration of the World Wide Day of Play; they're asking that we commemorate it with picture uploads to GoGo Squeeze's Facebook GoGo Gang page.  For every 100,000 "play" photos uploaded, they'll build a playground for a neighborhood in need!  (new or old photos of you/your children at play)

Details are here, but please take a few minutes to make a difference:

  1. Like GoGo SqueeZ on Facebook.
  2. Then, click the GoGo Gang tab in the left sidebar.
  3. Upload a picture that captures "play."  (You can upload as many as you want new or old!!)
  4. Be sure to tag picture(s) with #GoGoDayofPlay.
  5. If you're a blogger, post your favorite "play" camera capture (twitpic, instagram, picplz, etc.) in a post and link it back to Story Bleed's CarnivalTwo submissions will be featured on Story Bleed's main page!
  6. Be sure to tweet that picture with the hashtag #GoGoDayofPlay, too.

When I began looking through pictures to post (I wanna do my part to get a playground built!), I was genuinely surprised to see how many were of my youngest airborne. I'm rethinking "play" as his super power…because maybe it really is flying!



Do tell:  What are your children's "play" Super Powers?  Sculpting Play-doh?  Lego masterpieces?  Fashion design for Barbie/American Girls/Bratz/etc.?  Jump roping?  Or death-defying acts like my 14 year old? 


This post is sponsored by Story Bleed on behalf of GoGo squeeZ as part of the #GoGoDayOfPlay photo carnival.

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