“Every girl needs a Princess Dress.” 
~ Robin Dance

Through a dress shop’s plate glass window, I fell in love.  The object of my affection was basic, black and beautiful–

Hilton Head Island, SC


On a whim and for fun, my husband encouraged me to try it on…but this only deepened my desire to have it.  Married with two (at the time) children, it made no sense to buy an expensive formal dress with no reason to wear it!

The happy ending to this silly love story is, after pining for it for months, I snatched it on clearance for under $50. Never mind that at the time it was two sizes too big, it was the only one they had left.  I didn’t care–it was still wearable and I at long last had my Princess Dress!  (Fifteen years later, I’d be thankful for buying it large…!)

What I didn’t know then was I was making an investment in future fun…unforgettable memories and moments.

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