It's farewell to Summer, permission for banks and the post office to close, the last day Southern women can legally wear white pants and shoes, and a celebration of the working class–

Labor Day, ironically a day many do anything but labor.

Widget-1 It's also a day made for the great outdoors…except when the day is a total washout. 

Like today.  In Chattanooga. 

My original plan included attending , but since Chattanooga is experiencing bi-polar weather–from a six-week drought to a tropical depression flood–we're going to see Seven Days in Utopia.  Here are my Top Five Reasons I can't wait to see it!


5.  Robert Duvall

4.  After reading this interview with David L. Cook, the first-time author of the book that inspired the movie, how can you not want to see it?  He started writing on the  porch of an 1874 farmhouse after he sensed the Lord telling him to write a book.  Out of no where.…which is crazy/cool.  (Golf's Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia is now on my reading list.)

3.  It's rated G.  PLEASE-OH-PLEASE let this meet or exceed expectation!

2.  When I pulled up the , LIGHTNING BUGS were flittin' around!  I think I clapped my hands and squealed…j'adore fireflies.

1.  I watched the movie's trailor.  See for yourself below–and tell me how you can resist it!!

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