~ 31 Days of Parenting Teens & Tweens, Day 12 ~

31 Days of Parenting Teens & Tweens @ PENSIEVEOn day three of my #31Days parenting series, I suggested three things every t(w)een needs to hear on a regular basis (#5 on the list); today I'm offering three things every t(w)een needs to hear as circumstance warrants:

1)  I was wrong.

News flash:  You aren't perfect.  Every decision you make as a parent isn't the right one, and that's okay.  We're all just doing the best we can with what we know.  Expressing these three words to your children ~

  • models humilty
  • strengthens your credibility
  • reinforces your integrity and trustworthiness
  • teaches them to so the same when they are wrong

It's a life skill many adults have never learned, and we all know how frustrating those people can be!

2)  I'm sorry.

Two words that express more than simple apology, they indicate your desire to restore relationship.  "I'm sorry" builds reconciliatory bridges.  The words don't negate harsh words or errant deeds, but said when you've hurt your teen or tween in any capacity brings healing.

And I think they accomplish the same bullet points above.

3) I forgive you.

When children disappoint you, they know it.  Whether or not they show it, they feel the weight of their transgression.  They know you "have" to love them because they're your child; but they can also sense when you don't like them very much, because let's face it, sometimes you don't.  At least, sometimes I don't. 

"I forgive you" brings release.  It binds broken hearts.  It also brings reconciliation.

I know adults who've never heard these words from their parents; it is void that haunts.

Make sure your kids don't fall into that category.

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