Chicago skylineThe marriage, not Jack Bauer's Reality Series.

Twenty-four years of roller coaster livin', ups and downs and twists and twirls that have combined for a breath-taking thrill ride. 

Which makes me glad I buckled up for safety…and even gladder I said "yes" to the blue-eyed brunette who asked for my hand in marriage all those years ago.  And since the rest of me was attached to the hand, he got a package deal.

It's all leading up to a spectacular Silver Anniversary in 2012…what could the next 12 months bring?

Hmmmm, what could the next year bring?

Well, I have a twinkling of an idea, but you'll just have to stay tuned to see.  I'm expecting something just around the corner I can't wait to tell you about…something I never dreamed of at this stage in life….

or maybe I'm just teasing so you'll stick around a while.

Or maybe it's the biggest cliffhanger since I began blogging.

Maybe one day I'll tell.

Maybe not.

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