What do you do when doubt threatens to extinguish your faith?  


When you’re tethered to God by gossamer thread, invisible strands of grace that you can neither see nor feel? When life’s circumstance is earthquake beneath your feet?

  • job loss has forced you to distinguish want and need and now even your needs are threatened
  • a medical diagnosis, unexpected and cruel, affecting you or those you love best
  • a child who thinks the fight is against you, a not-yet prodigal you pray will come back
  • a church experience that has wounded you or church leaders who have disappointed

Or maybe your faith is shaken by the mundane of everyday loss and void, a lackluster marriage, a less-than-fulfilling job, unrealized expectations….

Maybe the very dailiness of life has made you weary, questioning God…or worse, questioning if there is a God.

There’s a remedy you might be overlooking…

(…but you'll have to to read the end of this story!!)


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