Seinfeld-Cast-FestivusUpdated 2014: So Seth Godin has chimed in with his thoughts on Festivus…and though in reality I wholeheartedly agree with his positive spin, I still love this episode of Seinfeld because, well…it’s maddeningly ludicrous. Read on to see what I mean…


My children and their friends have discovered Seinfeld.

They rent DVDs and watch marathon episodes until they’ve memorized entire scripts.

[Updated 2014: My how times change in such a short period of time; I wonder when they last rented a DVD?]

They’re up to Season Four, their favorite so far, about the time Seinfeld was coming into its stride.  Remember “The Pick,” “Junior Mint,” “Bubble Boy” and “The Virigin”?  All Season Four.

When I mentioned to them earlier this week that it was almost Festivus (today, December 23) I assumed they knew what I meant; I’ve celebrated every year since it was introduced…but apparently the celebration was in my head.

So I explained the Seinfeldian ~ or rather Costanzian ~ holiday in detail, all the way down to Feats of Strength and Airing of Grievances.

Their new mission is to watch it before Christmas.  Redbox?  Netflix?  On Demand?  Who’s gonna help us out??  Or maybe if we’re lucky, there’s a 24-hour marathon already underway.

In any event, if you aren’t familiar, below I’m republishing a post from a few years ago with links to explain and commemorate the auspicious occasion.

Enjoy ~


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Festivus is my favorite fake holiday of them all.  Its insanity makes me smile during the frenzy of the most won-der-ful time of the year…:)

Airing of grievances?  Feats of strength?  How can you not love it?

Wanna know more?  All you wanted to know and then some, right here 🙂

Get your own Festivus Pole here.

You can order Festivus Wine here.

Festivus Ice Cream by Ben and JerryAh, yes, capitalism at its best–only in America can you celebrate a non-existent holiday and make buckets of money off a show about nothing!

Plus, it’s got a motto, you just gotta love a fake holiday with a motto–It’s a Festivus for the rest of us!



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