While Christmas is hardly about a thing, I certainly have favorite Christmas things.


My Favorite Ornament

One of three handmade ornaments of my mother’s, beaded and bedazzled during her five-year battle with cancer.  It’s fraying now and some beads have escaped, but every year this is the first ornament I look for.  Considering I have a hard time choosing among chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, it’s remarkable I can actually name a favorite.

Homemade nativity with flower pots

My Favorite Nativity

Crafted by my youngest, this set stirs my Mama’s heart.  I imagine to the casual onlooker it borders on the side of pitiful, but to me?  It’s more beautiful than anything from Fontanini, Willow Tree or the like.



My Favorite Santa

We have half a dozen Santas ranging from fancy and gold to just plain homely, but this little fella is the perfect measure of jolly.


My favorite ornament set.

These aren’t recognizably Hallmark but I got them over a decade ago, 75% off after Christmas; I felt like I won the lottery at the time.  Five different sizes, shapes and colors, each bears a different word–love, joy, peace, hope…


My favorite tray

Each season, I can’t wait to find the Little Apple Girl, painted by Lisi Martin.  She lives in my kitchen throughout Christmas holidays and I’m always sad to pack her away.


My Favorite wreath

Two of my three children made these in kindergarten; for the life of me I can’t figure out why the third didn’t (WHY didn’t I help him make one when he didn’t that year?).  So many of my Favorite Christmas Things are handmade, no wonder I’m a wannabe!


My Favorite Angel

Make no mistake, this kid is NO angel (the tilted halo is your first sign).  But, oh, how I love him for tryin’…and the grin on his face melts me every time I see it.  This makes a perfect “ornament” for gaps in my Christmas tree, too.

Christmas ornaments in a bowl

My Favorite Random Decor

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2010

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