{This post will be most appreciated by people who actually know us…feel free to click away. 🙂 }


"Hey–I've got a GREAT idea!" I tell 'em.  "After dinner, break into groups and re-write the lyrics to songs you know and then have a show for us!!"

They don't know me that well so they were polite, but since I got the stink eye from my daughter ~ complete with raised eyebrow and cocked head ~ I was gonna let the idea die a quick, natural death.  I was mostly kidding, anyway, though there was a serious-as-a-heart-attack part of me, too.  

After they finished two of the best desserts in the world, they did go their separate ways–

girls wrapped in blankets and conversation, the guys finding a guitar and keyboard in our playroom.  Music and laughter filled our home; music and laughter filled my heart.

About an hour later, we were summoned.  Had I known the wonderfulness in store, I would've grabbed my flip cam.  At least I had my cell phone to capture the debut of the Rachel Dance Christmas Song.  

FYI, there was no earthquake during filming; that's me trying and miserably failing to hold the camera steady.  I don't
t h i n k you can hear me snorting…. 🙂

How can you not have mad love for these guys?  Parts of the performance were brilliant, and the imperfect parts?  Well, those might've been my favorite.

I've included an original copy of the lyrics below since laughter drowned 'em out more than a few times.

Song lyrics

She definitely chose the right college….

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