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I cannot find the source for the photograph above, but everything about it is breathes fire!  I can at least hattip where I found it, at Esther Maria Swaty's Frequency of Words, one of my favorite recent online discoveries.  An excellent curated site.


Target-down-syndrome-model-kid-ad-640x497Noah's Dad has an encouraging post about a recent Target ad, one that he points out says a lot without saying a thing.  A small but important step on behalf of those with Down's Syndrome.


Chattanooga is a wonderful place to live AND visit, and it's always fun when outsiders catch a glimpse.  Score a BIG one for the small city, recognized in The New York Times piece "45 Places to Go in 2012."  The article might not been trending on the world's radar, but Chattanoogans were Tweeting and Facebooking the link to infinity and beyond.  We're one of only three U.S. cities tapped with this distinction. 


I'm definitely a Carpe Diem kind-of-a-girl, and yet I agree with every.single.word. in Momastery's post "Don't Carpe Diem."  I don't know if that means I'm complicated or conflicted, but she absolutely nails the slippery concept of time as it relates to parenting…and I think she absolves the guilt of many who struggle with what they think they're supposed to be doing.  A million people have read this post; if you haven't, you need to!


My friend Jill and her husband Ryan have launched a new marriage blog, For Better and Worse.  I think they're gonna have some encouraging, important, relatable things to say in the future.  Give 'em a visit and a pat on the back, k?


Your turn:  What have you seen that I've missed?  Yours or someone you love?  DO share in comments!!

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