I was surprised but thrilled late last night when my friend Susan posted a message to my Facebook wall putting together most of the puzzle pieces :).  I asked her to restrict the message to just "Friends" but she went ahead and deleted the entire thing before I could copy her answers to share how astute she was.  Her detective skills are impressive and if I never need a mystery solved, she's the one I'm callin' (not you, Tonya, Shari or McKt, though Beth was on the right track in Clue #2 and #7 ~wink~.)

Three final clues, much more obvious than the previous seven…with the full explanation coming a bit later today.

Thank y'all for sharing in the fun.  I fully realize blogging at times is self-indulgent and narcissistic, but it sure does help me process life sometimes.  And what's coming up will be much to process……. 😉




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Previously-posted puzzle pieces:

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