Blogging has introduced me to a profusion of talented artists.  Whether they bend words or metal to their bidding, the world is a more beautiful place because of them. 

Lisa Lehmann is one of these artists, an inside-and-out-dazzling jeweler-friend who likes to play with fire.  In response to so many people identifying One Word to characterize their year, she's crafted a beautiful recycled silver bracelet with a hand-stamped bar with your word.  I fell in love with it immediately and bought one to represent my word:

A d v e n t u r e

Not that I'm going to need the reminder.

Lisa offered me a discount for my special, keepsake One Word "Adventure" bracelet, and if you act quickly, she'll offer you 15% off at Studio Jewel/The Bead Girl/!  Use coupon code Celebrate2012 at checkout; just order by Friday, January 6. 


Thanks to Melanie who made this "One Word" button for me; she offered to make them for anyone who was interested and so far has created over 100 of them!  What a thoughtful, generous gift! 

I love the guesses people are sending in, whether by blog comment, email, Facebook or Twitter!  Most of them sound like the game of ClueColonel Mustard in the Conservatory with a Candlestick, but in this case they're more like Pensieve Robin in Boston renewing her wedding vows in a BMW eating doughnuts….

I suppose that c o u l d be it…!

Stay tuned~ another clue coming soon.

Previously-posted puzzle pieces:

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