Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
~ Helen Keller

Burghausen Castle

She’s looking me dead in the eyes when she speaks, a gaze so deeply penetrating its intensity makes me want to look away…but I can’t.

“God is getting ready to do a work in you not possible when you’re living in your comfort zone,” she tells me when I confide my secret.  And to my concerns she says, “And He’s going to meet your husband and turn him inside out when he’s alone and questioning what in the world he’s doing.”

She speaks with such conviction and great assurance ~ a relative stranger! ~ but I want to believe her.  I do believe her. You see,

my husband and I have learned it’s not in the easy times we’ve grown spiritually, it’s during those difficult seasons of struggle…

…when we want to go back to “Egypt,” to the familiar; not because we liked it but because we knew what to expect.

At mid-life, an adventure has been given to us, a door not merely opened but flung off the hinges, and our only response is to step into the unknown.

I explain the rest of the story in today's (in)courage post, where I tie together the threads of this week's seemingly random clues.

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