I stumbled across a J. Hudson Taylor quote that began to challenge me the past week ~

"The one thing

we n e e d 


to know God

b e t t e r."


There's difficulty in distinguishing true need from want, because whether or not we admit it to ourselves, most of us imagine or feel a right for our wants to be needs.  

And then I went to church this morning, where our pastor challenged us ~ interestingly and coincidentally ~ with One Thing ~

To read the Bible
every single day this year,
devotionally, passionately and relationally.

I imagine all the good Christians are already doing this, but I'm not so good.  

Quite candidly, I've preferred desert wanderings with only occasional sips of water. Now there are reasonable explanations for this, but since those aren't necessarily relevant to my point here, I'll save them for another time.  Maybe.

Our pastor reminded me of a few more things ~

  • God isn't looking for sinless perfection (someone better give me an AMEN I can hear…!).


  • We (believers) are as holy today as we're ever going to be.

He was speaking in the context of positional holiness based on the finished work of Christ in us as opposed to personal and practical holy living.

Frank went on to share a few Mike Murdoch pearls ~ 

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” 

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” 

Which had me thinking…

We become what we behold.

…and asking myself the question…

What if, on December 31, 2012, I had spent the 364 days leading up to it reading Scripture daily, 




NOT out of some misguided sense of obligation but because of an earnest desire to know God better, to want to bring him delight and glory as I put forth the effort to practice holiness.  

I plan to let you know.

Angel Oak, SC

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