Add an "s" and it transforms into a wonderful, Southern breakfast side dish, best served with a lump of butter (never margarine), a sprinkling of salt and crushed pepper, and a smattering of crumbled bacon in every bite; and cheese, cheese is always an option.  A close second, and truthfully, my preferred dish, is wonderfully creamy shrimp and grits, spicy with a hint of heat, but not so much as to over power the dish.  The grits are delicious canvas for the rest of the meal, and they can make or break the entire thing if not properly tended.

Most people outside the South don't understand grits, as if a they were a thing to be understood.

Either you're a believer or you aren't, and I feel sorry for those who are trapped in the latter category. 

I suppose for most people, "grit" conjures images of hang-dog determination and wrestling with or through the things that irritate the mind, soul or body, but for me, right now…5,000 miles from home, three weeks without touching the skin of my babies, and away from familiar comforts, the thought of a steamy bowl of Southern comfort brings a smile.

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5 minute fridayMy bizarre response to Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday writing prompt…I doubt anyone else will go this route!!  Feel free to join her!


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