“Without fear there cannot be courage.”
~ Christopher Paolini

I’m a self-professed fraidy cat.

I’m not very brave.

I fear the unknown. 

It’s not that I’m a worrier, though I can’t quite reconcile the two; it’s more that I’m held hostage by irrational thought.  Sometimes it prevents me from doing things I’d really like to try–

sky diving

hang gliding


walking across the swinging bridge at Rock City

flying to the pinnacle of breathtaking Austrian alps…and then skiing down

Swinging bridge at Rock CityMostly it’s a heights thing. 

This isn’t a faith in God thing for me.  It’s not about trusting him in the here and now for salvation, eternal life, forgiveness, redemption (I do); although I believe he’s wired me the way I am, and, any victory is a result of a Kingdom work in me. 

But practically speaking, I’m learning to conquer (non-height-related fears) by asking a simple question:

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Then I consider the scenarios, trying to imagine the Very Worst Thing that can happen, and the paralysis is cured. 

I’m able to live ~ fully live ~ in and then through the moment.

And, you know what?  The Very Worst Thing has never happened.


Written in response to The Gypsy Mama’s “Five Minute Friday” writing prompt; this week’s theme, Brave.  And it usually takes me about 10 minutes to squeeze in what most others can write in five, so there ya go–I’m a rule bender :).

Your turn:  Do you consider yourself brave?  How do you conquer your fears?  Or do you live a life sometimes paralyzed by “what ifs” and/or worry?


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