I saw his face, I learned about his plight, and now I'm asking you to help. Because the truth is, if you're able to read this (as am I), you're (we're) in a position where you can help.  A little, a lot, it's of no concern to me…but it is to Fatao, who's life depends on the help of strangers.


Fatao is a little boy with ventricular septal defect – a hole in his heart – and the Compassion community is trying to raise $23,000 for surgery that will save his life…save his life!  Without the help of many, he will die.  (Shaun shared even more about Fatao; I'm just linking to the necessary sites if you're willing to give NOW!!)

Because I've traveled with Compassion, I can vouch for its credibility and life-changing work in the lives of the people it touches. 

After reading this little boy's story, would you consider a financial gift

Because his broken heart breaks mine.

(Thank you….)


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