The first time I went to Burghausen’s Weekly Open Air Market, it was single digits and my camera froze shortly after arriving; but not before I captured a few of the sights–

Octopus on ice

I’m not sure if it’s an octopus or a squid (I’m thinking the former), but does it really matter??  Just look at those suckers–I kept a friendly distance just in case there was any life left in him!



Root veggies are all the rage during the coldest of months.  See those white carrots above?  I don’t think they’re carrots at all but I can’t remember their name, and even if I could remember the name, I sure couldn’t spell it.

 by @PensieveRobin, on Flickr

A pumpkin by any other name is apparently kürbis muskat.  See?  Knowing the German name doesn’t necessarily help you; in fact, “muskat” sounds waaaay too much like “muskrat” which means I’m probably not gonna buy it…in case the pumpkin is a rodent in disguise.


This is the most popular vendor at the market; no wonder he’s smiling.  The line grows long and he typically sells out of the BEST ROTISSERIE CHICKEN & SCHWEINSHAXE IN THE WORLD.  Plus, he sells perfectly-sizzled, intoxicatingly-scented and generously-salted pommes frittes.  Oh, what’s Schweinshaxe? you ask?   Pork knuckle, I answer.  He recognizes us Americans now and he often makes small talk.  Considering I know 47 German words and he knows about the same English, the talk is small indeed.


Not to worry; this isn’t sliced tiger.  At least I don’t think it is.


True story: at the deli counter at my favorite grocery store ~ Edekya ~ I asked for cheddar cheese; the deli clerk crinkled up her nose and asked my German friend Vanessa, “Why would anyone want to buy cheddar cheese when you have so many other wonderful options?”  So I never asked again.  But here at my favorite cheese vendor at Burghausen Market I buy English cheddar.  It’s yummier than its American cousin and he never crinkles his nose when I ask.

As the temperatures have warmed, the number of vendors ~ and shoppers ~ have increased.  I’m eager to walk through the market each Thursday to mine treasures and people watch.  Colorful baskets loop through each shoppers arm and I’m having a hard time resisting the urge to collect baskets I don’t need!

Won’t you join me as we stroll through the market?  I’ll let the rest of the pictures do the talking but please feel free to ask questions in comments; if I don’t know the answer I’ll find out!



White carrots, purple carrots…what happened to boring ol’ orange carrots?  


Ummm…that’s a rabbit….  



Yarn at Burghausen Market

Ahem…apparently you can buy just about ANYTHING at Burghausen’s market.  Might I add there are no dressing rooms?



He wasn’t for sale but I might’ve wanted him most of all.  

 Dyed Easter eggs

More to come!

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