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As my partnership with Vicks VapoRub comes to an end {sniff sniff}, and in anticipation of upcoming National Poetry Month, I've decide to write a poem in keeping with the unofficial ending of the Cold and Flu Season.  Make sure not to miss the FUN contest and giveaway details at the end!


An Ode to My Least Favorite Season

Winter and Spring and Summer and Fall

Four seasons, of course, but that isn't all–

A Fifth Season comes, the worst of the year

Cold and Flu is its name, spreading dread when it's here!

It often arrives when the weather turns cooler

(But can strike any time, just ask Ferris Bueller!)

It'll come without warning and no invitation

Nasty invasion, this germ infestation

Coughing and sneezing and fever and chills

The Cold doles out misery, cheap little thrills.

And meaner than Cold is his cousin the Flu

Who knows how to make you feel miserable, too.

Every bone in your body so tired and so achy

And when you get up sometimes you feel shakey.

Throat raw and itchy, nose sore and runny

There's nothing about being sick that is funny!

(Except maybe when I stuff into my nose

Lotion-soft Kleenex, damming snot when it flows!)

When your child has a cold, you turn into a nurse

(Grown men with the flu might be pitifully worse.)

Thankfully we have things that help us feel better

Like wrapped in your favorite, warm, woolen sweater?

Wait!  Over the counter, what's that I see?

A miracle potion that begins with a "V"!

Vicks VapoRub, been around 'bout forever

Invented by someone incredibly clever.

Medicated vapors, inhale one and all–

Ecalyptus and camphor and icy menthol.

Rub in this ointment and soon you will see

You can breathe so much better, you're almost ache-free!


Slapmenakedandhidemyclothes, but that was FUN to write! 

* * * * * *

Win a Medicine Cabinet Makeover valued at over $100! 

Includes all VapoRub products (Vapo, Vapo Cream, Vapo Lemon Scented, BabyRub), NyQuil (liquid & caplets), DayQuil (liquid & caplets) and Nature Fusion (liquid & caplets), and a special Feel Better Friend get-well kit– a Vicks SNUGGIE, pillow, soup, candle, slippers and a Cool Moisture Humidifier. 

Y'all, you'll be able to handle just about anything that comes your way!

TO ENTER:  Visit Vicks' Facebook page and fill in the YOUR response to their posted question, "I know I'm getting better when I can finally smell ___________ (be sure to "Like" them while you're there).

THEN, come back and leave a comment here (with your answer or anything else) at least once to be registered.

Though I'll have to use a random drawing, will you try your hand at a short poem about Vicks VapoRub–a haiku, couplet, limerick–whatever your fancy?  Vicks Bloggers will choose some of their favorites to post on Vicks' Facebook page for all the world to see!  You'll be almost famous…. 😉   Deadline to enter is 3/21/12.

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Vicks-breathe-life-inThanks to Vicks for supplying the giveaway and for including me in this season's Blogger Brigade!!

Note:  There was some earlier confusion about how I was supposed to host this giveaway, so my apologies to anyone who's seen a different version of the rules.

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