Sometimes friendship is plain hard.

What should come easily, eludes…

What everyone else seems to have in bountiful supply, you lack…

Never do you feel more alone than when you’re in a crowd of women whom you like or admire or want to know, but they appear not even to notice you…

Because we’re created in the image of God, it only makes sense that we’d crave friendship…relationship. Triune God ~ Father, Son and Holy Spirit ~ His very nature is relational. Everything was good in Eden except for man’s aloneness–God never intended mankind to live a solitary life.

Friendship has been a struggle for me in recent years. The hurtful actions by a few people I valued somehow caused me to lose confidence in myself; which, in turn, had bearing in how I related to others. Sometimes I constructed walls around my heart in an attempt at self preservation, but too often I flat out consented to feeling inferior.

I b e l i e v e d a l o t o f l i e s .

But I’ve learned to see a beautiful aspect to my void and pain, important not to overlook:


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