Read My Letter - Blogger ButtonDivine providence brought them into my life 3½ years ago; they entered through love's door.  

Shannon, a favorite blogging friend of mine, thought I might be interested in and able to help "Danny" on a project-gift he was creating: a compilation of letters of encouragement from moms across the blogosphere to encourage his wife. In short, after a life-changing trip to Africa, "Danny" and his wife had agreed to simplify gift giving by making gifts for one another, and his gift to her was this Mother Letters Project.

Fast forward to now, and what began as

an idea…

a gift…

a seed

has now full blossom-flourished into Mother Letters {Sharing the Mess and Glory}.  It's a bonus for me that Amber and Danny/Seth became real life friends, cherries on the frosting of a very tasty cake.  

A tapestry woven in words wise and warm, the Mothering Life is proclaimed from 48 contributors who've been there, done that, all who are STILL there and doing.  Some mamas to littles, some mamas to bigs, and some mamas to babies they've had to let go of much too soon; yet somehow they manage to see goodness and grace in spite of shattered hearts.  You'll find NYT best-selling authors to anonymous mamas you'll never have chance to meet…but ALL bring life and light and love and beauty to the high calling of motherhood, and you're bound to leave its reading encouraged and inspired.

I'm beyond thrilled to be included in this edition.  

Help Amber and Seth help you:  don't think about buying their book, BUY IT!!  I feel strongly about supporting the hard work of writers, whether their words are published online or in print.  And, really, you shouldn't wait–launch price is 30% off!  

Click the image below and within a minute or two you can be reading.  And because I want to do everything to help Amber and Seth get this book into the hands of as many as possible, would you please share among your spheres of influence?  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest–I'd be grateful if you'd pass along this post to as many friends as possible!!

Affiliate links used and any commission earned through the sale of Mother Letters will be donated to The Mercy House.


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