{Shared with me by my daughter, published with permission from her kindred.}

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RE:  If I had a blog, I would post this….

Starbucks coffee ~ @PensieveRobin


The man behind me in line at Starbucks just bought my drink.

After telling the barista to put my drink on his card, he explained with a smile—a smile very much at home on his kind, round face—that someone in the drive thru covered his meal the other day. He wanted to extend the kind deed to me.

He has short brown hair, he works at Carmax, and every morning he gets a grande bold coffee with a toasted multi grain bagel. He rarely orders anything other than his usual for the same reasons I will order nothing but a white chocolate mocha. Whenever he orders a white chocolate mocha he gets three shots of espresso in it.

I didn’t get his name.

I saw Jesus in his eyes.

I wish I would have told him that.

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I fiercely love my daughter's friend, Maddie.  Her friendship (together with Abbie's) was oxygen to my daughter when she transferred schools as a junior.  She's a senior this year and, oh, how I've missed seeing these girls in my kitchen, almost as much as I miss my own daughter, now away at college.  

Passionate and confident in so many ways, after attending a weekend event I can't recall now, Maddie recently made me crush all over again when she made this declaration:

[It = deleting her Facebook page] "It was great!  I actually lived life instead of feeling the pressure to fake-live it on Facebook."

Did I mention she's also wise and mature beyond her years?

When I read her gorgeous email to my daughter, when I noticed the subject line, I thought "You DO have a blog you can post it on…."  

Nothing would make me happier than for YOU to share your thoughts and responses to encourage this burgeoning writer as she approaches the end of high school.  Can't you sense her potential?! ~ smile ~

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