7204997994_1bc3df2f75_cMaybe I did it to promote a wonderfully fun, worthwhile event.

Maybe I did it as a small attempt to bridge culture and community.   

Maybe I did it because I had a wild hair ('cause trust me, the hair, she was wild…!)

Or m a y b e I just did it 'cause I'll use any excuse to slip on a Princess dress.

Who knows?

In any event, Christian Hoeferle (of Höferle Consulting) and I had opportunity to sit down with Cindy Sexton and WRCB's 3 Plus You gang to talk about all things Germany and what's going on this weekend in Cleveland to celebrate the culture.  

Maifest is in its seventh year and when I'm done slaying  swimming with  riding rowing dragons I plan to join my German expat friends for an afternoon of fun.  

Thanks to Dawn Scowronnek for the link to our segment below; not showing up for you?  Try this.

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