Can't you see my soul & spirit dancing?!

Almost 25 years ago my husband gave me a gift that wasn't really a gift, but it was akind of giving in which I've taken great delight for decades, so we shall count it as one, okay?

My name.

Robin Dance.

And I'm of the opinion that our meeting was Divine and God was very much up to something back then, because truly, we were living in opposite worlds at the time, which in my complicated way of thinking means my Name Gift was just as much from Him.  

He gave me a name that matches my spirit.

Screen shot 2012-06-29 at 3.24.00 AMIt is common for people to comment on my name upon our first meeting because they rarely expect it to be as simple as it is–"Like, would you like TO DANCE?" and I alwaysalways want to reply with, "Why, YES, I'd like to dance!"  and sometimes I even do.  Say it…not do it.  

And so, today when my friend Lisa Jo shared her writing prompt and the theme was "Dance," how could I NOT write for five minutes-plus-a-little-longer about the very thing that has faithfully followed me like the sweetest of puppies for the longest of times?  

After three years of thinking about redesigning my blog, I'm finally moving forward at a snail's pace–unfortunately that's my version of Mach speed.  

Which is your first clue about where I'm headed.  

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All I can say is I'm pretty excited now that I know where I'm goin'….

Your turn:  Did you think something similar the first time you heard my name?  Or do you have a fun story about your own?  Or what thoughts come to your mind when you hear the word "dance"?  

Photo credit: Top, Mishelle Lane; bottom, Dawn Camp.  Both, brilliant photographers!

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