Though my niche at Simple Mom is parenting teenagers, Tsh extended freedom to her contributors to deviate from our typical topics while she is on break this summer. I decided to take advantage of her offer, with one caveat:

This post isn't for all readers; it's written for those who are married.

Single moms, you are loved; this is no slight!  I know yours is a difficult, challenging road, having glimpsed single motherhood during a six-week work separation for me and my husband.

But this post is revised from a letter I wrote to encourage and advise young married moms, for the original Mother Letters Project.

It's direct and candid, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm a little nervous to publish it here. But based on the previous response from women and men, it's a message that could benefit at least a few of you in this broader audience.

To you, my dear mama friends ~

Have I piqued your interest?  Please continue reading
Simple (?) Marriage Advice by clicking here.
 Based on comments not everyone agrees with my thoughts and I always enjoy the differences in perspective…. 🙂

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