I am, quite possibly, the worst affiliate marketer on the planet.  

(For my friends who aren't quiet sure what I'm talking about: if you click a link from ANY website that takes you to an online store, then buy something, the originating site earns pennies on your purchase.  It's why we disclose when we use affiliate links.)

I don't know how many times FRIENDS AND FAMILY have told me about the HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS THEY SPENT ON AMAZON…but didn't think about clicking through my site.  If I was a decent affiliate marketer, they would remember.  And then I would buy them a cup of coffee at the 7-11 when I earned 99 cents.

Anyways…I'm also an affilate for DaySpring.  I don't often post about their deals, but today for a few hours only, they're offering the Redeemed – I Am His Necklace for $5, less than half its retail cost!

But only today from 11-3 CST (noon-4 EST).   

Redeemed - I Am His Necklace

At five bucks, don't you want to stock up?  These would be wonderful hostess gifts or teacher gifts or nice favors for a party; if you spend at least $25, qualify for FREE SHIPPING by using the code shipping25.  

While I'm on a DaySpring kick (and if you're reading this after the necklace Flash Sale is over 🙁 ), there are more wonderful bargains you can take advantage of:

Ever Grateful – 10" Large Pitcher (Original price: $28.99, now $14.49–I'm picking up several)~ 

Ever Grateful - 10


Ever Grateful – 4 Piece Taupe Place Setting (Originally $52.96, now $19.99?  Are you kidding me??  Wouldn't a set of four be a GREAT gift for a recent college graduate or someone just moving into an apartment??)

Ever Grateful - 4 Piece Taupe Place Setting


Those are my favorite, biggest bargains, but click around a bit and I'm sure you'll find more.  They've gone a bit bonkers over at DaySpring, I tell ya…BONKERS!

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Oh…and if you're in the market for, say, diamonds…

or gold…

or fancy cameras…

or ANY thing… Feel free to click on my Amazon links :).


I might even buy you a Starbucks!

Disclosure:  Affiliate links lavishly applied in the writing of this post :).

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