It was good and it was grace and it was gift I never expected; in fact, I had imagined the opposite.

Headed to a place thousands of miles from home where we didn’t know a soul, not speaking or understanding the language, differences in culture and customs, there was ZERO expectation of finding community.  Sure, my husband would be meeting people through work, but how long would it take me to meet people.  And not just how long, but how?

An overseas move, even if it’s only temporary, requires enormous preparation.  With a mile-long Must-Get-Done List, it was easy enough to push apprehension and fear to the farthest corners of my mind–isolation, loneliness, missing my children and homesickness–all lingered as possibility.  But I was determined not to wallow in possibilities before I even left home, so I just talked to God about it and asked others to pray.

And then we landed 4,800 miles from home.



WHAT happens?!  To find out, please continue reading Community matters at (in)courage. 

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