For the past ten months, Time in the specific has been of little consequence to me.

There is the other side to that mountain - quote by Robin Dance There are weekdays and weekends, morning, mid-day and evening.  Over in this part of the world, I've learned summer days can last a beautiful-forever.  The sun rises earlier than worms and she stays up until the moon finally pushes her along. She's like the child making bedtimes excuses–anything to stay up a minute longer.  Fall is swift harbinger of winter solstice; days are slimming much too fast and I'm fairly certain I saw the man in the moon thumbing his nose at the sun–now it's his turn to shine.  

The calendar and the clock come into play mostly on Airport Days, when someone is coming or going.  Then, it's important to know the date and time.  Otherwise, unless I'm Meeting People for a Specific Reason, I'm good with generalities. 

There's a certain measure of liberation from time's constraint; and because I'm aware this is only for a season, I'm enjoying the freedom.  Or maybe that's just the extended time in comfy pajamas talking.

One of my happiest collaborations of this year, however, counters my aversion to knowing what day it is–

DaySpring ~ incourage perpetual calendar

Feet at the beach! Can you guess which ones are mine?

(in)courage Perpetual Calendar


I love perpetual calendars; I've used the same one for over ten years and its inspirational words are often – amazingly and divinely – exactly what I need to hear that day.  

Because I'm one of the authors contributing a dozen quotes for this new calendar, I'm retiring my old one.  DaySpring surprised the contributors with a copy when they were finished a few weeks ago, and I was a little bit giddy to see my words sprinkled throughout the year, among a sea of inspiring words penned by women I've come to know and love.

But given this whole time malaise I've adopted, sometimes I don't flip the calendar every day.  

I didn't realize it until today, but yesterday (October 24th) featured one of my quotes, one of the shortest in the calendar ~

(excerpted from Just…Breathe…, a post I wrote last year about when marriage gets really hard…but I think the thought applies to life in general)

Quote by Robin Dance, PENSIEVE, "There is the other side to that mountain in your life.

The unbelievable timing made me smile:  a few people close to me are facing Very Large Mountains right now, and it was a precious reminder and encouragement back to me…for them…that there is the other side to that Life Mountain.  

Some would see the timing of reading a poignant, relevant, encouraging word as coincidence.  I'm inclined to believe it's a sweet God-gift, divinely given just when it's needed most.  


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And wow–I didn't realize this until I went to the site to link the calendar for you:  until the end of the month, DaySpring has a special on their
(in)courage Perpetual Calendars
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