Joy_encouraging_christmas_scripture_art_Studio_JRUI admire artists who are pursuing their dream:  

Creating beauty and sharing it with the world, with the hope that following their passion can translate into sustainable business.  

It's the last part that is so hard–earning enough for your finished work to cover the time and cost in producing it.  

With big box craft stores, creative software, countless DIY blogs and a million ideas on Pinterest, it's easy to see something you like and think, "I can make that myself for a fraction of the cost." 

Though I'm all about saving money, my thinking has shifted in recent years; likely because I've met and built relationships with so many Creatives online–

I want to support Creatives and their work…their passion…their dreams, whether it's a completed novel, ebook, hand-crafted jewelry, painting or mixed media.

It's why I want you to meet Jennifer from Studio JRU and to acquaint you with her art. 


Jennifer sent me the beautiful print above, a stunning rendering of a Bible verse that often encourages me.  The picture doesn't do it justice–when I opened her carefully packaged gift, I realized though simple and potentially reproducible, it WAS hand-crafted art. I could try to replicate it with fancy fonts and a graphics program, but that would be a second-rate digital attempt; her hand worked piece is so much more special.

It reflects her artist's heart, her passion, her creative eye.

During these last days leading up to Christmas, if you're looking for a gift for someone special (especially for someone who thrills to "words of encouragement"), please look through Jennifer's shops (here and here and here) and see if you can find it there.  Prices are affordable beginning around $20 for matted prints similar to mine, to stunning, more expensive canvas-on-wood pieces that you'll love.

Now through December 21, Jennifer is offering a 15% discount for my readers by using the coupon code PENSIEVE15.  

Won't you please share this post with your friends in case they're looking for something special, too?  I can think of no sweeter gift to an artist than to support her by cleaning out her current inventory :).

Also, if you're an author or artist, won't you share a link below to your book, ebook or online shop?  I'd love to share your work with readers who might be in the market for whatever it is you have to offer!


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