1) WAKE UP CLARK! 2) Emily, COME BACK! 3) Jana, we miss you!

There's this eclectic group of friends I meet with from time to time, WAY TOO EARLY IN THE MORNING and whenever one of us thinks to invite the others.  Social media and coffee is our common bond and we've been known to have hashtag wars. Who wins is debatable. 


Thanks to Facetime, I was even able to join them when I was in Germany; the time of day was much more reasonable to me since I was six hours ahead.  

It is them I usually think of when I receive a Starbucks email – our gathering spot – but this morning it is you.  

Grab someone special, head to your nearest (participating) Starbucks, buy a Caramel brûlée Latte, Peppermint Mocha or Gingerbread Latte and get one free!  (No coupon required.)

One good freebie deserves another–

Chili's also slipped some daily coupons into my inbox.  If you're a fan, while you're out and about this week, you can pick up your favorite on the house.  Chili's Chips and Salsa is one of those things I craved while living in Germany; Germans are well-known for their breads, bier and brats, but my word, they know absolutely nothing about good chips and salsa!

(Click the image below to get printable coupons.)

Chili's Deal of the Day Free Coupons


Enjoy.  Share this post with your friends.  Click the FB "Like" button.  And if you know of any other freebies, DO tell me!!



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