Downton_abbey-family-and-staffI can thank social media for it; though I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, it was there I first made her acquaintance.  

Friends would not stop talking about her.  And I mean friend-friends, the people I know in real life, whose children I've held, whose arms I've embraced, whose opinions I trust and value.  Women and men for goodness sakes of the intelligent variety who give me pause to consider what they're saying.  

It was their fault for prompting me to watch Downton Abbey the first time – remember, when in ignorance, you called it Downtown Abbey?  And I was hooked…sold…enchanted. Downton Abbey was crack cocaine and my addiction was instant.  Sure, I was late jumping on her bandwagon, but once I leapt she couldn't shake me.

Dove_promises_almond_darkI feasted on her first two seasons, ravenous, a glutton, devouring episodes the way celebrities pop pills and the way normal women pop M&Ms (or in my case, Dove Promises Dark Chocolate with Almonds).  Engaging characters, well-told stories, relational acrobatics that compelled me to applaud. Literally. Downton Abbey joins West Wing as one of the best crafted television dramas of all time (and I'm curious if you'd add anything to this very short list…feel free to tell me because i'll be in withdrawals when DA is over).  

The brilliant writers spare no one.  No one!  Killing off Sybil on the happiest day of her life?!  We cared because they wrote her so well how could we not??  Though she was one of my favorite characters, I respect the show so much more because the writers refuse to bow to popular opinion and spoon us bland pablum, easy to digest but utterly forgettable.  Something no one wants.

So.  Sunday night.  The season finale.

They're going to do it again.

Blast them…they're going to do it again!

I accidentally read a season spoiler before I realized what I was reading and I know key events in tonight's episode.   

I am equal parts dread and excitement to watch the drama unfurl.

In between the ring of the bell and closing credits, we will be entertained.

We will celebrate, we will cheer.

We will be shocked and dumbfounded.

If you're very quiet, you might hear a collective "Noooooooo!" wailed all across the land.  

And you'll be in DTs until Season 4 begins.  

I'm seriously thinking about creating a not-so-secret Facebook Group for Sunday so we can banter throughout the episode. Just like poor Edith, my DA partner in crime left me stranded at the alter (aka my daughter jilted me for a college internship. Hmph.).  Last week my sister filled in and we savored the two-hour episode, hoping it might go on for three or six.

Isn't it more fun to watch Downton Abbey with a friend??  Even if it's your imaginary friends on the internets?  After what I've told you, processing the night's events in real time might help you avoid therapy afterward.  

Or maybe I'm just being overly dramatic.  

If there's enough interest, I'll create a Facebook group so we can talk amongst ourselves and not bother the rest of our imaginary friends; or clog up our Twitter stream since apparently not everyone on the planet will be watching (I can't imagine.  They have no idea what they're missing.). 

Tomorrow Downton Abbey concludes for the season (in America…the UK, last year thankyewverymuch).  S i g h.  Oh, well…at least Mad Man is going to grace us with their arrogant presence come April….  


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