50th Birthday Blog BashOh my…I don't see how Oprah does it–giving away all her favorite things.  I'm genuinely delighting in the fact I'll get to make a bunch of people's day in a little over a week, but I would love to sneak and keep all this loot to myself.  To "minimize my carbon footprint" I'm having everything shipped directly, but the truth is if this stash came to my house first, it might not make it to your house.

Of course, Oprah can buy the Statue of Liberty if she wants to, and far be it for me to rob someone else of the joy of winning. 

But I digress.  You just want me to tell you what today's gift is, don't cha?  Well, it's a doozie.  

Sandy Coughlin, author of the beautiful blog Reluctant Entertainer, and I met a few years ago.  We're close to the same age and our children are, too, but since she lives in Oregon we just don't get to see each other very often.  When I knocked on her door to see if she'd be willing to donate one of her gorgeous books this week, lo and behold, she said YES!  

So, today's giveaway?  A copy of The Reluctant Entertainer: Every Woman's Guide to Simple and Gracious Hospitality (If you don't happen to win this giveaway, you'll want to hurry and buy this book–it's soon to be out of print!!)

But that's not all.  Sandy extended her hand of hospitality and connected me with Harry & David; if you aren't familiar, Harry & David ships scrumptious gourmet foods, fruits and chocolates TO YOUR DOOR!  And I didn't realize this until now, but they also special deliver gorgeous flowers and plants.  

A while back I won a Fruit of the Month prize from H&D and I can attest to the excellent quality, substantive packaging and fresh factor.  Whoever wins this is going to be thanking me (and Sandy) for ages.  

Up for grabs?  Feast your eyes, people…feast your eyes–

A Mother's Day Tower of Treats 

Doesn't it almost look too pretty too eat?  Yep…if this showed up at my place it would be my DUTY to take care of it, right?  

Mandatory first entry:

Leave a comment sharing your favorite tip for entertaining or about a disaster that happened when you had people over.    

Additional Entry Methods (not required but doing so increases your chances of winning since I'll use Random Integer Generator to select the winner):

Entering a separate comment for each entry, feel free to do any/all of the following (or none at all); for Tweets/Pins & FB shares, please comment the specific URL from your browser:

  • Tweet about this giveaway & be sure to include #50thBBB @RobinDance in your tweet. Here's one you're welcome to use:

Today's #50thBBB from @RobinDance: Treats from @HarryandDavid & Reluctant Entertainer by @SandyCouthlinREhttp://bit.ly/10jTwdJ Enter now!

  1. Giveaway is limited to those in the continental U.S.
  2. Entry deadline for all giveaways unless otherwise stated will be Sunday, April 7th.
  3. Amazon affiliate link used.


CONGRATS to # 120 Carolsue.  When I checked to verify her entry, I had to smile–Carolsue entered this giveaway 11 times!  How much do I love that???

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