This image is of a section of the Berlin Wall, a way for passers-by to “mark” their visit. I was moved by the heart someone took time to fashion–a beautiful reminder that you can, indeed, find love anywhere…..


“Define yourself radically as one beloved by God.
This is the true self.
Every other identity is illusion.”

~ Brennan Manning


I assumed she knew.

How could she not know?  This Godly young woman’s life preaches the Gospel whether or not she’s using words–her decisions, counsel, countenance all point to One Thing.  Jesus.

I assume you know, too….

We go to church.  Read and study scripture.  Bookmark Christian websites.  Pen our faith in paper journals.  Proclaim it with our lips, in our homes, online.

It’s not that we haven’t heard it or read it.  It’s too important to forget, yet remembering is so hard.Why…is..that…?

Is it simply that knowing with your head doesn’t equal believing with your heart?


If you ever hear whispers of doubt or struggle with feelings
of not “enoughness” or even worthlessness, please
continue reading an important encouragement today,
maybe just for you.

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