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Each of these, in their own way, made me want to stand up and cheer.  



Image from Quinoa's pinboard

Brilliantly tongue in cheek.

My Imaginary Well-dressed Toddler Daughter.   Quinoa is the (brain)child of Tiffany Beveridge, author of The Would Be Writers Guild.  Quinoa is an internet sensation, and if you haven't met her, and IF you'd like a laugh born of hyperbole's finest, clickclick the link right away.  I followed Tiffany's pinboard for Quinoa when there were a few hundred followers, sniffed a viral infection coming on, and told her; over 26,700 now agree with me.  


What every blogger who's been writing online 5 years or more needs to read.

Award-winning, wicked schmart, Canadian blogger Elan Morgan asks "How's your blog doing?"  It struck a nerve with me and clearly many others.  Perhaps better recognized by her blog persona Schmutzie, she crawled inside my head and then wrote this post; or at least that what it feels like.  Her warm personal response to my public comment was icing.  She understands because she's living what she writes.  Strong, strong encouragement.


Proof for the skeptics:  Does Child Sponsorship work long-term?

Confirming what I've always suspected (and banked on), Christianity Today shares conclusive, objective evidence that child sponsorship, done well, indeed works.  I had just completed my post on Compassion International when I read this article and I love it–not just because it proves what I hoped it would, but because the evidence might compel others to sponsor children.   And change their lives.  Then change the world. 


Straight talk that's hard to hear

Oy.  I could link to about every post she writes, but Ann Voskamp's A Letter to the North American Church brims with fire and conviction; the kind that points a finger, yes, but opens your eyes to see the three pointing back.  Her trip in Africa is bridging worlds and stirring stories and knitting together hearts.  Her words move others to action, but its her love and passion for Christ that challenges me most. 


Beauty from the broken

A Story UnfinishedMatt and Ginny Mooney have survived a parent's nightmare: losing their precious son Eliot on his 99th-day birthday.  In Matt's just release book A Story Unfinished: 99 Days with Eliot, he chronicles their journey and shares hope with those who find themselves walking a similar road (or dissimilar pain).  He doesn't hold back their challenges and heartache, but he manages to paint a beautiful portrait of grace, strength, dignity and honor, and how their faith makes all the difference.  In conjunction with his book launch, he's hosting two different blog series, Unfinished Stories and Glimpses of Redemption.  Scroll through these very personal accounts from a few of their friends and you're bound to be encouraged, challenged and changed.  They're all that good.


Your turn:  What's the favorite thing you've written or seen on the world wide web, something that's simply too good or important to miss.  Really, truly, I'd like to know!



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