Abby-Robin-LeighOne of the funnest things for a blogger is to meet in real life the friends she's made online.  Over the weekend, I had opportunity to do this very thing.

Leigh Kramer and I met a few years ago at a blogging conference, but I've gotten to know her much better through our connection as storytellers for Deeper Family.  When we hugged face-to-face Friday afternoon, it felt nicely familiar.  And bonus–Abby Barnhart. another friend I've met by way of conference, joined us for dinner–lucky for me, she was in town to visit her sister.

The reason I was in Nashville in the first place, however, was not just hanging out with bloggers; it was to work behind the scenes with Jessica, Angie and Shauna as they filmed the videos for our next Bloom (in)courage book club, slated to begin next Monday, June 24th.

Bloom Bread & Wine blogging team

(l-r, Robin Dance, Angie Smith, Shauna Niequist & Jessica Turner)

Oh, my…!  The girls managed to get through eight videos, engaging one another in conversation relevant to Bread and Wine, but also about the importance and beauty of community.  Through story-telling and example, they brought the book to life in a way that will be a treat for Bloom readers (I hope you're planning to join us!  If you've never taken part in an online book club, this is the PERFECT book to start with!  You can pick up a copy for almost half price at DaySpring!).

Photo 4(1)And then they let me join them in the kitchen for our four cooking videos!! 

Those were fun to say the least, and we were mostly professional…except for the 11 takes required for Breakfast Cookies.  I blame Angie mostly for that, but now until the end of time, I will always smile when I make Breakfast Cookies, think on That Day and thank Angie in my heart.

Shauna is as lovely a person as I imagined her to be–full of life and wisdom, passionate about a call to community.  I've had seasons of abundance and seasons of void, and I know intimately the truth of her message.

The sub-title to Bread & Wine is "a love letter to life around the table"  ~

I've often said the dining room table is a sacred space…

the place where family and friends connect over a shared meal, face to face, both for the regular and routine or special celebrations. 

Shauna's is a book written on my heart and practiced when I can, and more than anything, I hope you're making time for the people you love and like around a platter of something special.  Boxed brownies or a fancy beef tenderloin, it's never about the food anyway, is it?



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