They’re harbingers of summer and, by day, they’re rather ordinary, but when Sun’s shine finally gives way to Moon’s light, they put on The Show Spectacular.

Fireflies.  Lightning bugs.  Magic.


Even now, decades past my youth, they cast a fairy’s spell and I’m beholden to their fire.  It’s cool to the touch.

I can think of no better repurposing of an old jelly jar than a homemade
nightlight.  Fall asleep under a cosmic flash and set them free to
morning’s glory.

They know the art of play and God made ’em slow enough to catch them, we can.   And when we do – when I do – it is cause for marvel and wonder and delight.   

And apparently, poetic inspiration.



Light in play

Silent signal

End of day




Childlike fascination

Demanding chase

They blink and dance

One more spark

And that’s your chance

Neon glow

Adorn the night

Summer’s glory

Our delight


Please tell me you know what I mean…!



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